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Thanks to the We Are Safe certification, you can convince your customers that Covid-19 is not a threat to them.

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The most advanced solution for running companies and restaurants

after coronavirus

Hygiene, safety, monitoring, analysis.

We Are Safe introduces a system of certification of hygiene standards and control of possible Covid-19 infection. You will ensure the safety of employees and increase your credibility for customers.


What you get with a certificate

We Are Safe?

Covid-19 tests

Regular testing of employees using an indicative online test and non-contact temperature measurement.


Setting up optimal workplace disinfection procedures and maximum protection for your employees.

Security processes

A set of recommendations and necessary internal processes. Tools to help with the daily routine of your operation.


System for verifying the fulfillment of set processes for employees and within the company.


Analytical tools for processing measured data and statistics from various sources.

How can certification help you in business?

We Are Safe is a certified way of solving current problems with the necessary change of work processes due to the risk of coronavirus infection. Our standardized method of testing sets strict standards, which will significantly increase safety in the workplace, so they will be appreciated by your employees and customers. At the same time, adhering to them will allow you to quickly return to your original work performance.

We will let your customers know about you on our website, and you will receive a We Are Safe certificate for certification.

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Who we are?

We are CreativeDock and we build digital companies. In 7 years of existence, we have built 51 startups on 3 continents. Our most well-known media projects include Zonky, Mall Pay, HoppyGo, Mutumutu. In the last two years, we have been creating e-health platforms for two leading players in Switzerland and Hungary.


CreativeDock is behind the first coronavirus online test in the Czech Republic , the activity of FirmySobe and


We Are Safe is under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under the umbrella of Our experts, in cooperation with doctors, hygienists and epidemiologists in Europe, have prepared the We Are Safe certification, which helps to return to normal life quickly and safely.


You can read more about us on the website .

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